Tender Blessings

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"Experience is not the best teacher, it's the only teacher."

                                                                                     Bev Boss



Tender Blessings is a Family Child Care program that incorporates play-based learning, which builds upon a child's motivation, by using play as context for learning. Here children learn through exploration, experimentation and discovery of their environment.  


Tender Blessings will strive to provide children with unconditional love and acceptance where they feel safe and comfortable to not only learn but to express themselves without fear of judgment.   As part of the Tender Blessings Family, children will experience a stimulating environment with a variety of materials available for them to explore, create, and discover the world around them while developing their natural curiosity, as well as self-help and problem solving skills.


OUR TEACHER - Kathy Bevard

Kathy  is a graduate of Towson University, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

She has more than 40 years experience working with young children in Child Care settings, including teaching preschool ages 2-5, Assistant Center Director, and Center Director.  Kathy's experience is not only as an educator, but as a mother who has raised 5 children. 

She chose to leave center care and open an in home child care program that would offer the best of both of worlds by providing a high quality preschool program, while maintaining a calm, loving, environment with one consistent caregiver for children from infancy to school age.

Her program has earned the highest ratings achievable by The Maryland State Department of Education and The National Association of Family Child Care.  Her program is nationally accredited; Maryland State Department of Education Credentialed at level 6, the highest level attainable;  and has an EXCELS rating of 5 from The Maryland State Department of Education , which is also the highest level attainable.

Kathy is also a Maryland State Department of Education Trainer and is certified to teach continuing education courses for child care professionals throughout Maryland.

In addition to the above training, Kathy takes a minimum of 30 continuing education training hours yearly.  These training certificates are available for review upon request.

Kathy is very proud to have earned the following recognitions, certification and accreditations for her program.


Kathy Bevard is the primary teacher and caregiver of the children in the Tender Blessings Family.  However, there are times during the year the need for a sub cannot be avoided.  The few times a year that a sub is needed, one of the following adults will care for the children in Kathy's absence.  These amazing folks also visit the program frequently just for fun and are loved by the children!

All subs have undergone a Federal Background check and are registered and approved by

Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care.

Vicki Ball

"Aunt Vicki"

Vicki is a long time friend of Tender Blessings.  When she is not caring for babies at her full time job as a NICU nurse of 36 years, she can be found here snuggling with our babies and playing with the older children.

Elizabeth Gyermeh

"Miss Beth"

With her degree in Pedology, (the study of children's behavior and development) and her 17 years of experience in the education field,

Beth is a tremendous asset to the program. 

Carl Bevard Sr.


Fuzzy is Kathy's husband and can be found popping in and out of the classroom playing with the children and being silly on a daily basis.  His specialty is calming fussy babies. Twelve years ago a toddler in the program started calling him

Fuzzy and the name stuck!

Now even his grandchildren

call him "Grandpa Fuzzy".

Kirsten Trenton

"Miss Kirsten"

Kirsten's daughter is a former student of Tender Blessings. We are so fortunate that, although she is no longer a part of our family as a child care parent, she is still involved with our program as a substitute.  She is always eager to assist Kathy with activities and parties. Kirsten is also a substitute for Calvert County Public Schools.  


Ms. Kathy is a nurturing, patient and loving teacher. She has a special way of making each child feel special in their own way.Kathy has the patience of a saint; she is firm yet gentle in her approach of teaching the children conflict resolution and using their words to express their feelings.


Ms. Kathy has so much love to give and it is truly her passion in life to be with the children!  She promotes an atmosphere of fun and learning, all while attending to each child's individual needs.  She has a tremendous amount of patience and a great sense of humor. We are blessed to have her in our lives.


My kids feel safe and loved at Ms. Kathy's.  They look forward to spending time with her. She has become part of the family.


"We are very blessed to have found Ms. Kathy for she has a magical way with children.  She promotes learning through fun lesson plans that integrate subjects in a hands-on manner.  Ms. Kathy is very enthusiastic, family-oriented, funny, flexible, and loving which are qualities I want my children surrounded by and to role-model.  She is a true 'Tender Blessing!'"

Evelyn & Chris

Tender Blessings provides an educational environment for children of all ages and proves to be a standard for quality care.
It is a relief to be able to drop your children off and know that they will receive excellent care when you are not able to be there. I would highly recommend this facility to any persons interested in childcare.


Tender Blessings has been a great experience for our family.  It has the learning opportunities of a larger daycare center but the flexibility of a home daycare provider. Kathy has really taken the time to get to know our son and has helped him to grow and socialize.


We love all the forms of learning our daughter gets to experience and the socialization and learning with the other kids.  She's grown so much over the last year and a half and its amazing to watch.


My daughter has anxiety about new people and did not like her previous day care.  She would cling and start sobbing hard when we I'd drop her off.  Switching to Tender Blessings with Kathy has changed it all. She goes easily to Kathy and ignores me when I say goodbye.  My daughter has become more happy since starting there.



Enrollment at Tender Blessings reserves a spot within the limited teacher child ratios determined by The Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care and is not determined by the days or number of yours your child physically attends the child care facility. 

INFANT & TODDLER CARE - (6 Weeks to Two Years of Age)

  • Parents are responsible for providing diapers and breast milk.  Tender Blessings will provide a brand of formula of our choice. Parents are always welcome to provide their own formula in the event they do not want to use the formula provided.
  • Tender Blessings is responsible for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack once solid food is                                                            recommended by the child's physician.  Meals and snacks will be in accordance with USDA Federal Food Guidelines.
  • Children only enrolled during the school year are not eligible for 5 days vacation tuition break since tuition is not paid during the summer months.



PRESCHOOL CARE  (Two to Five Years of Age)

  • Parents are responsible for diapers, if needed. 
  • Tender Blessings is responsible for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack in accordance with
  •       USDA Federal Food Guidelines.

  • Children only enrolled during the school year are not eligible for 5 days vacation tuition break                             since tuition is not paid during the summer months.




Forms with an *are required by Maryland Sate Department of Education.  All of these forms must be completed before your child may begin attending Tender Blessings.







(only as needed)


Early Learning Place - Home

Before children can be administered any medication, either over the counter or prescription, a MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FORM

is to be completed and accompany the medication in  it's original packaging.

Over the counter medications are only permitted to be administered

once per day by a child care provider. 

Please make note that over the counter medications may not be administered more than 3 days per illness. 




Tender Blessings Early Learning Place establishes a warm loving environment which stimulates children to learn and develop socially, through interaction with their classmates and teacher; intellectually through participation in a variety of age appropriate learning experiences in language, arts, science, mathematics, music, art, creative play; emotionally, by helping them to know themselves and relate to others; physically by providing them with equipment to develop large motor and fine manipulative skills.  I strive to provide the support and encouragement each child needs to develop at his/her own rate.

The program is modeled after those found in high quality nursery schools integrating group learning and independent “Work Time”. Your child’s play is work. As he/she plays skills are being acquired that are vital in his/her academic development.



Hours of operation are determined on an individual basis per your contract. These hours will be strictly enforced insuring proper teacher/child ratio at all times for the safety of your child and others cared for at Tender Blessings. If a child has not been picked up by the contracted time, an overtime fee of $25 will be charged per 15 minutes or fraction thereof. This fee is assessed on a family basis, not per child basis. For example, if you are late and have 2 children in attendance you will only be charged one overtime fee.



Provider will receive 10 days paid vacation every calendar year.  Families are to receive written notification 4 weeks prior to provider taking vacation time.


Provider may take up to 5 days off to attend professional training but no more that 3 consecutive days.  Provider must notify families two weeks prior to attending a single day training and 4 weeks for training of 2 to 3 days.  Provider will make training certificate available for review by parents as requested. 


Families paying tuition for all 12 months of the year are eligible to take one tuition free week vacation (5 consecutive days) per year. Tender Blessings must receive written notice 4 weeks prior to taking vacation.  Families that do not attend during the summer months, therefore not paying tuition, are not eligible for this tuition credit.h


Tender Blessings observes the following Federal Holidays as paid holidays for the provider:  New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Washington's Birthday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.


In the event of unplanned closures, parents will be notified by telephone. Tender Blessings will try to remain open during inclement weather but may need to close due to safety issues. For example, school will be closed in the event roads are impassable for safety vehicles such as ambulances and or fire trucks or in the event we lose electricity or phone service for an extended period of time.


Tuition is to be paid in advance weekly. Parents are responsible for tuition each week the child is enrolled in Tender Blessings.

Tuition for the week is due on Friday the week before and is considered late close of business Monday. Any child whose tuition is not paid within one week of the due date is subject to dismissal. 

There is a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.


The following items are to be kept at the Center.

  • Two complete sets of extra clothing appropriate for season
  • A sweater or light jacket
  • Disposable diapers and creams as needed.Please do not allow your child to bring any other items from home other than those specifically asked for by Tender Blessings. Tears and conflict over lost or broken personal possessions do not contribute to a peaceful, cheerful atmosphere.b

It is absolutely crucial that you label all of your child’s belongings in permanent marker with his/herfirst and last name.

Tender Blessings cannot be responsible for clothing and personal items not clearly labeled with the child's name.

Cot sheets, blankets and pillowcases will be washed by provider every weekend.


Play is your child’s work. It is important he/she comes to school appropriately dressed for “work”. This work involves painting, gluing, molding play dough, climbing,

running etc. Your child will get messy, very messy!

Please be sure your child comes to school with clothing that is washable. Occasionally clothing can get stained; clean, yet stained clothing is great to wear here. Children will be at ease exploring and experimenting when they do not need to worry about messing up their clothing!

We go outside everyday except in rain, extreme cold or when the air quality is in the unhealthy range. Your child will need to have proper outer garments, such as gloves, hats etc. for cold weather and sunscreen for hotter weather. Sunscreen is to be applied for the day by parents before leaving child at school as it is considered an over the counter medication.

Flip-flops and sandals with toes exposed are dangerous for running and climbing; therefore not permitted at any time. The best footwear for your child is sneakers.

This is essential for your child’s safety.


Tender Blessings will provide Breakfast, Lunch,  and afternoon snack in accordance with USDA Food Guidelines. Substitutes are not permitted, however, should your child does not care for something on our menu you are welcome to provide an alternative lunch. Please understand that Tender Blessings is no longer able to heat foods brought from home.  Refrigerator space is limited so there is no guarantee there will be space in the fridge for lunches brought from home.


If someone other than the parent is picking up your child he/she must be listed on the emergency contact form unless provider has received a written statement signed by either parent prior to the child being released.


One of the main goals of Tender Blessings is to facilitate the development of responsibility and self-regulation in children.  Clear, consistent, and fair limits are setfor children’s behavior and they are held accountable to standards of acceptable behavior. Children will be redirected to more acceptable behavior or activity using the child’s mistake as a learning opportunity, patiently reminding children of the rules and the reasons for them. Children’s feelings and frustrations will be acknowledged with respect while guiding them to properly express those feelings.


Tender Blessings is required by Maryland State law to report evidence or suspicion of child abuse and neglect. Persons found guilty of failure to report suspected abuse or neglect are subject to prosecution.

“Abuse” means the physical or emotional injury of a child by any parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or custody or supervision of the child.


Tender Blessings respects a family’s right to privacy and confidentiality regarding all health, behavioral and developmental records and information concerning their child. These rights to confidentiality and privacy are protected by various federal and state statues. For example, if your child is involved in an altercation with another child, it is a violation to reveal the child’s identity to the parents without prior written consent from the parents of the children involved.


Parents and provider may terminate contract at anytime provided tuition is current.  However, a two week advance notice of withdraw date will be greatly appreciated.


The provider will have specific authority to determine whether the health of a child at any given time is suitable for attendance at the school. If provider deems a child to ill to be in attendance or that the child might infect other children, then the parent shall promptly make other arrangements for the care of the child.

Children who have a temperature over 101º orally or 100 º under the arm should remain at home until temperature has been normal without the use of Tylenol etc.

for 24 hrs. Children with acute illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, sever colds, rash, etc. should be observed at home and be seen by a doctor if necessary.

The provider will only administer prescription or over the counter medication accompanied by a doctor’s note and a completed medication order form OCC1216, which may be printed off our web site    http://tenderblessings.org Parents are welcome to visit the center during the day to administer any needed medication.



If your child gets sick or hurt at school, the provider will take whatever initial steps are necessary and appropriate and immediately contact you. If illness is involved you may be asked to pick your child up, just as any childcare facility would do.


It is absolutely essential that you inform your provider promptly if there are any changes in your work number, cellular number and your home number. The first person on your emergency contact list should be someone that can track you down instantly regardless of where you are. Your provider must be able to reach you at all times!


It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the provider can reach them at all times, even when they are away from their desk or office.Emergency cards must be kept current.


Early Learning Place - Home


Early Learning Place - Home

Mon - Sat: 8am - 8pm

Sunday: 1pm - 8pm


Tender Blessings uses Tadpoles for daily reports and communication with parents.  Every day parents receive an email and or a text message giving you a daily report of your child's day.  Daily reports include a wide variety of information including activities completed, foods served, how much your child has eaten, napping times, potty and diapering, as well as individual notes as needed.